Essential Oils and Properties

BASIL –  (Ocimum basilicum)

Strengthening, clearing and liberating.  Commonly used in massage preparations for athletes.  Basil Essential Oil is a stimulating and energising oil which can help you to focus.  It’s best used in daytime hours. It refreshes the mind – it’s useful in cars to help maintain concentration on long journeys. It’s also good if you are suffering from a cold thanks to its qualities as an expectorant. It’s also thought to have antiseptic and anti-viral properties. Basil is a very lively oil and should be used in small amounts when blending with other oils as it can dominate blends very easily. It is often blended in a carrier oil to make an excellent sporting massage for use before and after sport or other physical activity. Originating from India, Amphoras Basil essential oil is derived from the popular culinary herb. Basil means “Royal Remedy” or “King” in Greek.

Ocimum basilicum Oil is the volatile oil obtained by steam distillation of the flowering tops & leaves of the Basil, Ocimum basilicum L, Labiatae.

Origin: India.  Perfume Note: Top.

SAFETY:  You should not use Basil oil if you are pregnant or have an existing liver complaint.  Also see Safety notes at foot of this page.

BAY – (Laurus nobilis Oil)

Bay Essential Oil has a powerful, spicy-medicinal odour, just like the Bay leaves used in cooking.  Bay Oil has uplifting and grounding properties and is said to clear mental confusion and clarify thought processes.  It’s seen as quite a masculine oil and should be used well diluted in treatments for the skin.

BERGAMOT (FCF) – (Citrus aurantium bergamia Fruit Oil)

Antiseptic, uplifting , relaxing, refreshing.  Excellent when well diluted in body skincare preparations thanks to its antibacterial and deodorising properties.


Obtained by pressing the peels of the unripe fruits followed by  for use in skincare massage preparations or body lotions as it has a wide range of properties beneficial to the skin.
It’s an uplifting and refreshing oil which you may also find useful during the colder weather to give you a little lift. It can also help maintain a balanced mood.

Commonly used in candles and soap making, Bergamot is great to burn or vaporise to banish household smells – especially tobacco.

The oil is rectified to remove the furcoumarins which make unrectified Bergamot oil hazardous to use before or during a spell in the sun. However, caution should still be applied before using this version of Bergamot on exposed areas of skin in the sunlight.

The Italians have used Bergamot in folk medicine for centuries.

Origin: Italy.  Perfume Note: Top.

BLACK PEPPER – (Piper nigrum Fruit Oil)

Penetrating, stimulating and toning.  Black Pepper is most commonly used in massage solutions for athletes due to its wonderful warming effect.

 Piper nigrum Fruit Oil is the volatile oil obtained by steam distillation of the whole or crushed fruits of Piper nigrum L, Piperaceae.

It may also help to improve circulation and ease digestive and arthritic problems.  Black Pepper essential oil is commonly used in athletic massage rubs. It’s properties are similar to those of capsicum. Historically it’s been used as a muscle relaxant and an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. It’s also said to help improve concentration.

Produced by steam distillation of the whole or crushed fruits.
Fresh, dry, woody, warm, spicy scent. Antiseptic, penetrating, muscle ease, athletic massage, stimulating, toning.

Origin: India.  Perfume Note: Middle.

CEDARWOOD – (Piper nigrum Fruit Oil)

Antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory. Often used in incense and room sprays and good for stressful situations.  Juniperus virginiana Wood Oil is an essential oil obtained by steam distillation from the wood and twigs of the Red Cedar, Juniperus virginiana L, Cupressaceae.

Cedarwood Essential Oil is an astringent oil which is useful in protecting your skin and in caring for blemished or oily skin.

Origin: USA.  Perfume Note: Base.

CHAMOMILE MAROC – (Ormenis multicaulis)

Soothing, calming and relaxing. Traditionally used as a muscle relaxant & skin conditioner. Ormenis multicaulis oil is the volatile oil obtained by steam distillation from the herb Moroccan Chamomile, Ormenis multicaulis, Compositae

This oil is good to use at night and when feeling low in spirits. You might also find it useful as an antiseptic and in the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema.  Traditionally it’s been used as a muscle relaxant & skin conditioner.
It’s chemically and olfactorily different from German (Matricaria) and Roman Chamomile. Not to be confused with True Chamomile (Roman Or Matricaria).

Origin: Morocco.  Perfume Note: Middle.

CITRONELLA – (Cymbopogon winterianus)

Uplifting, refreshing and stimulating.

Best known as an effective insect repellent – especially against moths and fleas.  Cymbopogon winterianus Herb Oil is the essential oil obtained from the herbs of the plant.

Citronella Essential Oil is a lovely light, fresh and uplifting oil.

Origin: Morocco.  Perfume Note: Middle.

SAFETY:  Dilute in a carrier oil before skin application. Keep away from children and out of eyes. Do not take internally or apply undiluted to the skin. For further advice on using essential oils to treat medical conditions, we recommend you seek advice from a professional.IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any injury, illness or adverse reaction to any recipes, instructions or advice given. It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that they have followed the relevant safety protocols and that they are aware of any possible side effects before use. We always advise that a skin patch test is carried out before full usage of any natural product whether purchased from ourselves or elsewhere.  If unsure consult a professional Aromatherapist. Any advice given should not take the place of advice from your medical practitioner.